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Hands to Honduras is a non-profit providing hands on aid to the people of Honduras one project at a time. Our projects include the construction and improvement of schools, building facilities for clean water, and improvements to power and infrastructure.  We invite volunteers and work crews to join us in Trujillo, Honduras to assist in our next community project.


Since 1998 Hands to Honduras has been helping. We have built low-cost shelters after Hurricane Mitch, constructed schools, developed power supplies and water systems. Our work continues with improvementes to schools including computers, vocational training, books and electricity and mosquito netting. 


in 2015, the Port Isabel Rotary Club was awarded a $102,475.00 Global Grant from the Rotary Foundation to build a community water system for the 3000 residents of Barrio Eduardo Castillo in Trujillo. 

At the time of this writing, the grant money just arrived in Trujillo…and construction work has commenced.


Your donation goes a long way to helping the people of Trujillo achieve a better way of life. Our goals include better education facilities and equipment, clean water and electricity. Hands to Honduras works directly with the people to make a positive impact.

Get Involved

Want to get your hands dirty and help in Honduras? No experience is necessary.  Volunteers pay their own expenses.  The 2016, work crew dates are February 17-25, 2016. Please let us know your choice of weeks as soon as you know.  The sessions are 9 days long…two days of travel, one day to relax and 6 days to work.

Work Crews

The dates for the 2018 work crew is March 10-18, 2018.  If there is demand, another week can be created.

Whats next

The community water system has been funded with a grant. 

We hope to install a chlorination system in Moradel and build two classrooms and a kindergarten in Guadalupe Carney in February, 2016


Better school facilities are a direct investment in the future. Our completed school projects include buildings in:

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